This year, PHASA will host the conference with the University of Pretoria.

The University of Pretoria (UP) was established in 1908 with just four professors and 32 students, in a little house called Kya Rosa. Today, it is one of the largest research universities in South Africa. UP has transformed into a dynamic university community of staff and students who come from a range of diverse backgrounds and cultures showcasing South African and global societies. The University was born from a vision to create a space for quality education and for new ideas to flourish. Over the course of its existence, and through different phases of political power and social change, UP has been resilient in its commitment to academic quality. The university is celebrating their 21st Anniversary.



Future Africa 

The University of Pretoria has established the Future Africa initiative as a platform to develop leadership in transdisciplinary research in Africa. Future Africa will position itself as hub for African and global research networks to address the ‘wicked’ challenges that hamper transformation towards a prosperous, equitable and sustainable future in Africa.

Contact information 

Future Africa Campus, University of Pretoria, South St, Koedoespoort 456-Jr, Pretoria, 0186
Email address:
Tel: (012) 420 6969

University of Pretoria
South African Medical Research Council