Theme, Sub-themes & Categories

Partnerships for Public Health: Sculpting a Healthier Future Together

The interventions to improve and maintain population health are embedded among a myriad of determinants and require a mix of public health practitioners from different fields, levels of experience, interests, and workspaces. Only through active engagement, collaboration, innovation and evidence-based practice can we overcome the complex health challenges that we face today. The 2024 PHASA conference will bring together diverse voices to explore the power of partnerships in shaping a healthier future together.

Collaborative strategies for disease prevention and control

This sub-theme focuses on public health research, interventions and other work related to prevention and control of specific disease-groups.

Communicable diseases
Non-communicable diseases
Mental health and brain health
Violence and injuries
Oral and eye health
HIV and TB
Partnering to protect vulnerable populations

This sub-theme focuses on identifying and addressing public health challenges faced by key and vulnerable populations.

Child and adolescent health
Maternal health
LGBTQIA+ health
Rural health
Occupational and environmental health
One health
Planetary health
Climate change and health
Uniting voices for public health impact

This sub-theme focuses on health as a Human Right, and includes work done towards health promotion, advocacy and engagement with communities and across sectors.

Health activism and advocacy
Community engagement
Inter-sectoral collaboration
Health equity
Social and behaviour change communication
Public health education, training and research
Working together for sustainable health systems

This sub-theme focuses on displaying the health systems strengthening knowledge and initiatives.

Primary health care
Human resources for health
Health services quality
Medicines and health technology
Health financing and economics
Health management
National Health Insurance
Health information and technology
Service delivery and infrastructure
Pandemic prevention, preparedness and response
Traditional and indigenous health systems